Top 10 Best NEET long term coaching or Repeaters batch in Karnataka

In the very first year VIBRANT ACADEMY MOODBIDRI has produced 151 Govt MBBS seats.

Faculty at Vibrant are Pioneers in the field of training NEET Repeaters.

Academy gives equal importance to teaching, study hours and for testing, as all the above are very important components during NEET preparation.

Usually repeaters won’t have strong fundamentals, so it is very important that concepts have to be taught from the basic level.

We also give importance to problem solving in physics. During first two months more importance will be given to physics so that students get confidence.

Everyday we provide 5 hours of guided study hours wherein teachers are available for the students to clarify their doubts. And we make sure that entire study time is utilized by the student properly.

Due to increased competition Repeaters batch or NEET long term coaching or droppers batch is trending in India now.

Vibrant Academy for Innovative Learning has one the best NEET LONG TERM COACHING system in Karnataka.

CALL: 7411417028


  • Highly experienced faculty (our teachers have been teaching repeaters from many years and we exactly understand the psychology and demands of repeaters)
  • Our teachers have worked as Academic heads for NEET LONG TERM coaching in prestigious institutes of Karnataka and have produced tremendous results continuously and consistently.
  • Teaching concepts from the basics (which is extremely important as for as repeaters are concerned).
  • Extra focus in mastering problem solving skills.
  • Extra time to teach physics
  • Everyday Guided study hours where in teachers are available to the students to solve their doubts.
  • 1000 teaching hours (400 physics, 300 chemistry, 300 biology)
  • Everyday Physics, chemistry and biology classes.
  • Up to date study materials
  • Unlimited question bank.
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls
  • Healthy environment that motivate the students to read.
  • Hygienic and delicious food.


Call: 7411417028

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