Best PU College in Mangalore for science 2024 – New Vibrant PU College

New Vibrant PU college, Moodbidri, Mangalore is founded by 6 most experienced teachers.

The college has produced best results in the state in the very first year of its existence. In NEET 2023 out of 220 students 151 students have got a Govt. MBBS seat which is a all time record in Karnataka state.

In 2024 JEE main 1, 4 students of the college have scored more than 99 percentile, which makes New Vibrant PU college as the top PU College in Mangalore.

The reason behind this success is the innovative integrating system run by New vibrant PU college.




What is Integrated Coaching System?

In integrated coaching system Board exam syllabus and entrance exam (NEET, JEE and CET) portions will be taught hand in hand (even though the syllabi are same for boards and entrance exams depth and types of problems asked will be different for entrance exams that means we have to teach additional points to the students as far as entrance exams are concerned).

For example, if we teach one concept first we will teach them what to expect in board exams immediately after that additional points required for the entrance exams will be taught so the the students will understand the concepts faster. By doing this we can teach effectively in lesser amount of time and students will get enough time for their self study. (because we all know self study is also one of the most important factor in getting top ranks)


Guided study hours

Guided study hours is the unique feature of Vibrant Academy, Moodbidri . Every day evening about 3 hours we make sure that students will learn under teachers supervision in the college classrooms itself. All doubts of the students will be solved or guided by the teacher, in this way we give individual attention to the students. Apart from this morning one and half hour and night one and half hour hostel study hours will be there (which will be monitored by wardens and residential teachers).

Every Sunday we conduct NEET and JEE pattern tests exactly according to the final exam conditions (OMR sheet, negative marking, different sets of question paper etc.) so that students will be well prepared as far as time management and pressure management.


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