Best NEET long term coaching or Repeater batch in Karnataka and Mangalore

Getting a govt. MBBS seat in the very first attempt is the dream of all the NEET aspirants. But due to various factors students will not be able to get Govt. MBBS seat in the first attempt.


Since India is a huge country it is not possible for us to provide equal platform to all the students to compete.

  1. Some students may not get good coaching due to wrong choice
  2. Some will not get good coaching due to financial problem
  3. Some might not have got good basics in their high school education
  4. Some might have lost touch in studies due to Covid – 19 pandemic
  5. Some might have missed the seat in a narrow margin due to increased number of NEET repeaters.


Due to above said reasons it is fair enough to give repeated chances for NEET aspirants. VIBRANT NEET LONG TERM coaching Moodubidire offers one of the best NEET coaching in Karnataka state. Every 75 students out of 100 who joined here will get Govt. MBBS seat. In 2023 out of 220 students 151 students have got Govt. MBBS seats which is a record result in the very first year.


To know the academic system of VIBRANT NEET LONG TERM coaching go through the video (Watch completely)






For more details call: 7411417028


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